AlgaPrime™ DHA is the world’s leading source of algae omega-3 feed ingredients for aquaculture, production animals and companion animals.

Algae. Abundant, sustainable and healthy.
The original source of marine omega-3s.

Good for People, Animals
and the Planet


Why Algae

Microalgae are the original source of marine long chain omega-3s, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). By growing marine microalgae via fermentation, Corbion is producing AlgaPrime DHA, an abundant, clean and sustainable source of long chain omega-3s. AlgaPrime DHA can help reduce the dependency on fish oil in aquaculture and animal feed and helps support animal health, ocean health, and our own health.


The Power
of Omega-3s

A vast body of science supports the benefits of long chain omega-3s for brain, eye and heart health for humans. There is also growing evidence that omega-3s and algae DHA supports many of these benefits for animals.

Addressing the
Supply Gap

Fish oil has traditionally been the primary source of long chain omega-3s. Global demand for long chain omega-3s is rising rapidly, but the availability from wild caught fish is essentially flat.

Supporting Animal Health

Long chain omega-3s are a critical component of many animal diets. AlgaPrime DHA feed ingredient supports healthy diets for a range of animals.

Shrimp and Other Aqua
Companion Animals
Production Animals

Award-Winning Omega-3 Product

News & Events

Aug 23, 2021 | Corbion
Nofima Brings Together Leading European Organizations to Form The Millennial Salmon Project Aimed at Creating the Most Sustainable Salmon of the Future
Nofima, InnovaFeed, Corbion Algae Ingredients, Cargill, SINTEF Ocean, and Auchan collaborate to accelerate innovation that will support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry
Mar 23, 2021 | Corbion
Life Cycle Analysis of Corbion’s AlgaPrime™ DHA Validates Lower Carbon Footprint Compared to Traditional Sources of Fish Oil
Inclusion of AlgaPrime DHA in feed supports farmers, feed and pet food producers’ efforts to meet key UN Sustainable Development Goals