AlgaPrime™ DHA is the world’s leading source of algae omega-3 feed ingredients for aquaculture, production animals and companion animals.

Algae. Abundant, sustainable and healthy.
The original source of marine omega-3s.

Good for People, Animals
and the Planet


Why Algae

Microalgae are the original source of marine long chain omega-3s, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). By growing marine microalgae via fermentation, Corbion is producing AlgaPrime DHA, an abundant, clean and sustainable source of long chain omega-3s. AlgaPrime DHA can help reduce the dependency on fish oil in aquaculture and animal feed and helps support animal health, ocean health, and our own health.


The Power
of Omega-3s

A vast body of science supports the benefits of long chain omega-3s for brain, eye and heart health for humans. There is also growing evidence that omega-3s and algae DHA supports many of these benefits for animals.

Addressing the
Supply Gap

Fish oil has traditionally been the primary source of long chain omega-3s. Global demand for long chain omega-3s is rising rapidly, but the availability from wild caught fish is essentially flat.

Supporting Animal Health

Long chain omega-3s are a critical component of many animal diets. AlgaPrime DHA feed ingredient supports healthy diets for a range of animals.

Shrimp and Other Aqua
Companion Animals
Production Animals

Award-Winning Omega-3 Product

News & Events

Feb 04, 2021 | Farm Business
Corbion and UFAC-UK Ltd expand distribution of Omega-3 rich microalgae ingredient, AlgaPrime™ DHA
Corbion announces the expansion of AlgaPrime™ DHA to animal feed markets in the UK and Ireland.
New opportunities: sales channel diversity and community trust
View our webinar with: Fulton Fish Market, USA Fair Trade and BioMar Group to learn more about sales channel diversification and the importance of gaining consumer trust.