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AlgaPrime™ DHA is a consistent, plant-based and sustainable source of long chain omega-3s from algae that help reduce dependency on fish oil in food for companion animals.

Enhancing Pet Nutrition Responsibly


The importance of DHA omega-3 in pets’ nutrition is receiving increasing attention. Numerous studies support specific benefits for adult dogs in neurological, immune, fertility and vascular health.



Produced via fermentation, AlgaPrime DHA provides a plant-based, high quality, clean, and abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids at consistent levels. AlgaPrime DHA is a concentrated and efficient source of DHA providing formulation flexibility to improve animal diets.

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AlgaPrime DHA is sustainably produced with renewable energy and cane sugar as a feedstock. This results in a low carbon, water and land use impact.

Available in Two Feed Ingredient Formats


A native whole algae biomass containing oil high in omega-3 DHA encapsulated within the algae cell.


Omega-3 DHA-rich algae and vegetable oil in liquid form.

AlgaPrime DHA in Action

Learn more about AlgaPrime DHA and the benefits of omega-3s.

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